Mysterious ‘Underwater Wall’ That Circles The ENTIRE Planet Found On Google Earth (Video)

A mysterious video posted on YouTube claims there is a supermassive wall located beneath Earth’s oceans, encompassing the entire planet.

This mysterious wall, found by a YouTube channel called ‘Flat Earth Arabic’ claims the massive wall tens of thousands of miles across beneath the ocean.

In the distant past, UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists have found countless unexplained things on Google Earth. From pyramids to mysterious towers, petroglyphs, and even sunken cities, Google Earth has unleashed the imagination of people around the globe.

Not long ago we reported about a supposed discovered just off the coast of Mexico—12°8’1.5″N, 119°35’26.4″W—where a researcher discovered a humongous underwater pyramid. Among the many structures that are said to remain hidden beneath the ocean, ‘researchers’ have found things that—supposedly—challenge everything we know about our history.

Last year, a teenager using Google Earth ‘discovered’ what researchers are calling one of the largest, previously unknown ancient cities belonging to the Maya.

In similar ways, researchers all around the globe have been hunting for Pyramids and lost structures that have eluded experts for decades.

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Secret of the Bosnian Pyramids


Ett engelskt föredrag om pyramider i Bosnien live översatt till tjeckiska med DR. Sam Osmanagich

Föredrag från 2014-02-16 (Bratislava – Slovakien)

En mycket sevärt video (för den som orkar lyssna på engelska och sedan översatt till tjeckiska) om pyramider i Bosnien och lögner och manipulation av världsetablissemanget som inte vill veta av pyramider i Bosnien och som gör allt för att förbjuda utgrävningar och undersökningar.

(Se även WhiteTv:s inslag med kompletterande länkar)

Visste du att i USA finns det 200 pyramider? Ändå pratas det inte om dem någonstans! I China finns det otaliga pyramider som man inte får undersöka! 

Om pyramider i Italien finns det inget skrivet.

Pyramider i Bosnien i Visoko är bojkottade av etablissemanget.

Betong i bosniska pyramider är äldre än betongen från Romarriket. Dessutom är betongen i Bosniska pyramider av en sådan kvalité som vida överskrider dagens tekniska möjligheter att tillverka betong. I historiska böcker står det att romarna uppfann betongen. Etablissemanget vill därför inte erkänna bosniska pyramiders existens och den forskare som samarbetar med Bosnien lever under hot om repressalier!   

Bosniska pyramider är 29 200 år gamla.

Allt detta tyder på att den historia som är berättad för oss är ett stort bedrägeri och hade man börjat på allvar att undersöka pyramiderna så skulle man behöva skriva om hela mänsklighetens historia. 

Pyramider som är byggda av megalitstenar och som är bearbetade med maskiner, metoder och med sådan precision att dagens byggkonst kommer inte ens i närheten av detta. 

Solens Pyramid i Bosnien är nästan 400 m hög!!! Pyramiden i Egypten  är 147 meter hög.

Nu under 2014 kommer det att äga rum en stor konferens om Pyramider i Bosnien. Det blir den femte internationella konferensen och för första gången ska man inte diskutera om dessa pyramider överhuvudtaget existerar 🙂 men man ska diskutera vad dessa pyramider användes till! Dr. Sam Osmanagich har kallat dit tekniker och experter på el och magnetisk strålning. Se bilden nedan
Se från 1:55 i ovanstående video
Strålning som kommer från pyramiden är starkare med avstånd från pyramiden alltså från källan. Det existerar ingen känt teknik idag som sänder ut starkare strålning med avstånd från källan. Den man som experimenterade med detta på 1800 talet blev bortglömd och alla hans uppfinningar blev beslagtagna av de som vill hålla mänskligheten i slaveri!
Pyramiden i Bosnien innehåller tunnlar på 7 nivåer från 5 m under jorden till 350 m under jorden. Strukturen påminner om spiralen som var en av Teslas uppfinningar för ”icke Hertz” vågor = ”Non- Hertzian” wave
2:10 i föredraget

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A parallel universe exists which is referred to as the ”Old Universe”. This universe exists on its own time line. The galacthistory03events that occurred in the Old Universe were very influential to the development of our universe. The civilization that existed in the Old Universe was called the Empire

The Empire controlled almost the entire universe and was extremely evil. In order to complete the capture of the entire universe the scientists of that civilization created entities called Mind Eaters

The Mind Eater was a geoplasmic energetic entity that attached itself to the physical brain and auric energies of the being it invaded, removing the being’s thought patterns and replacing it with new Empiric programming.

The scientists released these entities into unconquered worlds and also used them to program their own people. Imagine their shock when they realized that these entities could multiply themselves.

When a Mind Eater absorbed a certain amount of energy it split into two separate entities. Eventually the Mind Eaters became uncontrollable and started feeding on their own creators the Old Universe’s form of A.I.D.S. Over a period of centuries there was virtually no life left in the Old Universe except for the Mind Eaters. 

The only escape from them was physical death. A small band of survivors within the emperor’s court, or inner circle, created technology that allowed the survivors. to physically transport to another universe, escaping both death and the Mind Eaters. 

Unfortunately the band of survivors entered this universe during the time of the Lyraen civilization. This is the only way that DNA from another universe physically manifests in an alternate universe, otherwise, there is no physical link. Thus, our universe became contaminated.

Satan wished to create a model universe for his beliefs. He almost achieved that in the Old Universe, but divine plan thwarted his ambitions. His own Satanic creations are the means for his destruction.

Satan’s goal was to totally control all physical universes and lock them off from salvation. Because he almost controlled the entire Old Universe through the negative Nine Aspects of the mind of god that he created, the importance of salvation in this universe and all others is evident. Satan still wants to control the minds of all beings so that the only link they have to the Mind of God is what he allows.

A group of beings descended (descended Angels, demons) who operated at the right hand of Satan and created a civilization within this universe using the DNA from the Old Universe. 

They developed into the Draco (cold blooded, reptilian) whose purpose was to create a Left Brain influence and support structure for the contamination that entered this galaxy. 

  • At the center of the galaxy was the Lyraen civilization which was border line E.T./physical reality. 
  • Totally Right Brain, it was Christlike, etheric, and very noble. 
  • The Lyraens were the greatest culture ever known to this galaxy; their sphere of influence covered not only this galaxy but many around it for millions of years. 
  • Without physical bodies in their pure state, they had bodies made of light. 
  • Their first colony on Earth was the beginning of the original Atlantean civilization which was etheric/E.T. like. 
  • The dolphin and whale population (warm blooded, mammalian) was its first attempt at physical structure. 
  • Because the Lyraens had no point of comparison for negativity, they were easily deceived by the survivors of the Old Universe who were accepted as brothers in Christ
  • Eventually the Lyraens realized that their civilization was in jeopardy from the infiltrators from the Old Universe as well as from the Draco. 
  • They decided to create a balance in physical form between themselves and their opposites in hope of preventing conflict.
  • This was the creation of the Amphibian race (hybrid of reptilian/mammalian) and was a gigantic galactic, inter galactic, and inter universal experiment. 
  • The Amphibian races were designed by OhaIu through the Sirians to be a bridge.
    • Ohalu Council is an E.T./Angelic group that has the function of tabernacle (that which covers and protects) and acts as a bridge. Its purpose is to span the gap between physical reality and true reality. This book is one of their projects.


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The Secrets of Amenti 2nd Edition* By A’sha-yana Deane Ekr.MCEO

2010 April 25
by wemustknow.koen

On September 12, 2000 a global event of paramount significance occurred within the covert infrastructure of the New Age, UFO and Illuminati movements. On September 11,2001, in preparation for the first anniversary of the 9/12/2000 event, the Trigger Event of the WTC/Pentagon Terrorist Attack was launched as the first step in the intended 2011 fulfillment of a hidden global agenda that reaches far backward in time. Earth is poised at the cusp of a “Great New Age”, long predicted in Hopi prophecies, the Mayan Calendar and Biblical Revelation. Humanity will now determine whether this New Age is destined to become a Free Age of Genuine Enlightenment, or a New Dark Age of One-World-Order Dominion. The origins of our contemporary dilemma and its SOUL-U-tions extend back into the greatest secrets of the ancient past. Volume-2 reaches from the heart of legendary Atlantis, Lemuria and Nibiru, through the ancient “Ascension Mysteries” of the Arc of the Covenant, Great Pyramid, “Inner Earth”, “Visitor” races, Biblical Revelation and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates, emerging to reveal the contemporary secrets of the Bermuda Triangle, HAARP, Montauk Project, Wingmakers Site, the Philadelphia Experiment, the New Age Movement, the 9/11/2001 WTC/Pentagon disaster and over 70 years of covert UFO cover-up and Infra-sound Scalar Pulse testing. Revealing the truth of 500 million years of 12-Tribes Human evolution, as directly translated from the ancient MCEO “CDT-Plate” holographic discs, the Forbidden History of Humanity’s Original Sacred Mission, and the coveted Secrets of Amenti are now being returned to assist us in our contemporary confrontation with destiny. In rediscovering our Human heritage, which includes Visitors from the Stars, the Checkerboard DNA Mutation, and the secrets of the Templar, we will also rediscover the REAL divinity within the Human Condition and reclaim the Sacred Knowledge and Eternal Healing Power that IS the Human Birthright. The sacred knowledge of the “Signet RRT Technology”, once used by Essene “Jesus Christ”, King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable, the Cathari, Celtic-Druids, Incas, Egyptians, Maharajah and many Grail Line “Indigo Children” Guardian Masters before them, holds the key to our past, present and future. The ancient secrets of the Templar, Sacred Sites, Time Mechanics, Merkaba, Ascension and DNA, long sought but never claimed by the Knights Templar Illuminati in the “Quest for the Holy Grail”, reveal the true Personal and Planetary Sacred Templar Teachings through which humanity can now begin to set itself free. Also: Templar Maps, Who’s Who ID Charts, The Amenti Schedule, Bio-Regenesis Techniques for Conscious Evolution. Voyagers Volume-2 The Secrets of Amenti 2nd Edition is not only a book; it is AN EXPERIENCE and an ADVENTURE

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