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Fallen is a personal recollection and reflection concerning the lives of four men known to the author, all of whom died by probable foul play. The four characters were survivors of the murderous “Indian residential schools” of Canada and lived in the poverty-stricken downtown east side of Vancouver. The author came to know them intimately as they shared their stories with him and helped to publicly expose the horrors of the state and church-run residential schools.

Fallen is the human face of Canada’s ongoing genocide, written with heart-felt pathos.The characters present a mystery that is never resolved and yet accentuates whatever humanity remains to us: the capacity for the unlikeliest of people to endure alone against unspeakable odds with nothing on their side save themselves. And having found that endurance they become more than victims amidst the usual woe called history.


​This is Kevin Annett’s twelfth book. He is a renowned Canadian whistle blower and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee who has led the global campaign to expose and prosecute crimes against humanity by church and state.

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Vem ligger egentligen bakom handeln med barn?

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I en intervju med Kevin D. Annett (ITCCS) skrivs det om mänsklig illegal verksamhet som tjänar miljarder på droger och människohandel.

Ju djupare ITCCS domstol gräver i de inträffade händelserna desto mer makabra vittnesmål och upptäckter uppdagas, så som massgravar vid kristna skolor i Kanada, eller Irland. Särskild populär är handeln med barn där systematisk slakt på oskyldiga pågår.

Vatican child killings to be halted by court – ITCCS news

n this breaking news report from the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State, the upcoming sacrificial killings by the catholic Ninth Circle cult on April 30 will be halted by action teams using a Papal Nullification Order. Posted April 8, 2017. See for the full news report.

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